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Martin Kermiet was born on Nov. 16, 1890 “St. Peter Town” Austria-Hungary (Czechoslovakia).


1913 (approx)-  Martin was the Financial Secretary of the First Czecho-Slovak Educational Club (One of the original members, so he may have known Michael and Joseph Hurray).


1915-Martin Kermiet lived at 106 Penn Ave., Salem, Ohio, with other folks including Steve, John, Anna etc. ( “bd” probably means boarder).   Not sure when he married Anna S. Gonda. (It would be interesting to know how Martin and Anna met).   [Anna S. Gonda is the daughter of Anna Dorothea? (Hurray) Gonda and John Gonda, and she is, I assume, also the sister of twins, Steve and John]--Amelia was a sister, and Joseph a brother of hers as well.


1915- Dec. 3, 1915 Carl J. Kermiet was born.


1917-1918 Directory: Martin Kermiet and Anna S. Gonda/Kermiet were living at 208 Jennings, in Salem, OH with their child Carl Kermiet.  They were a married couple.  Martin worked as a molder at the National Sanitary Co.  In 1917, Martin was 27 years old, and Anna S. would have been around 18 years old.


1917-Anna "Kemit" was born on Oct. 28, 1917 and died on Nov. 6, 1917.  (Probably the child of Martin and Anna, not certain).  Is she buried next to Martin and Anna?


---[The surname is/was most likely spelled K-E-R-M-I-E-T.  Any other variations, I'm guessing, are most likely typos (That's very common to happen).  There are a ton of “Kermiet” surnames in Monaca, Beaver County, PA. as well which helps to confirm that].


1918-Nov. 2nd 1918 Martin Kermiet died (At that time, his son, Carl J. Kermiet, was around 2 years old, and Anna S. was around 19 ish years old).  


(Anna S. Gonda/Kermiet married Eugene C. Bradley some time later—I didn’t look up the date, but it's easily found out).  Lana, as you mentioned, may indeed know more. 


1955-Carl Kermiet, a Catholic Priest at Sacred Heart Church in Crosby, Texas (for the last 3 years of his life), died in a traffic accident at Runneburg and Bohemian Hall Rd., in Crosby, Texas,  on 9/26/1955.   Eugene C. Bradley provided the information for the death certificate.  [Carl Kermiet’s biological father was Martin Kermiet, and his biological mother was Anna S. Gonda].  Eugene C. perhaps raised Carl during childhood? Carl's high school yearbook picture is attached (It's hard to see because of the small pic).  Those churches that he worked in Texas surely must also have photographs of him.  

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