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Hurray Timeline                                                                                updated 6/25/17


1840(approx.)-Anna Klapacs born.  Her father's name was listed as Andrew Klapacs, mother's name unknown.

1841-(19Mar1841) Joseph S. Hurray (Jozsef Huraj) is born.

1865 [14Sept1865] Anna (Klapacs) Zahuranyecz gives birth to a daughter named "Maria Catharina".  The father is "Michael Zahuranyecz".  The godfather is listed on the baptism certificate as "Joannes Zahuranyecz".

1867 [19Feb1867] Anna Klapacs (age 21) marries Michael Zahuranyecz (Age 22) in Spisske Podhradie.

1867-The Austro-Hungarian Compromise of 1867 establishes the dual monarchy of "Austria-Hungary", which divided the Austrian Empire into Austrian and Hungarian halves. The description "Austria-Hungary" would only have been appropriate after that "compromise".2

1872 [8July1872] Anna (Klapacs) Zahuranyecz gives birth to a daughter named "Anna". The father listed on the baptism certificate was "Michael Zahuranyecz". The Town they were living was named, Spisske Podhradie. [Joannes Kralik was listed as the Godfather]. 4

1874-[4Jan1874] Seven years after Emil Zahuranyecz's 1867 birth, his parents, Anna Klapac and Michael Zahuranyecz  give birth to another daughter named Susanna Zahuranyecz, who was baptized in Spisske Podhradie, Slovakia. [Indexed in F.S. as "Zahura" and "Klapats" in error]

1875[exact date uncertain] Josephus Hurray and Anna (Klapacs/Zahuranyecz) Hurray marry each other.

1876[6Jan1876] Anna Dorothea is born to Josephus Huray (Spelled with one "r"), and Anna Zahuranyecz in Spisske Podhradie, Slovakia.

The first Slovak Laborers reportedly came to Pittsburgh in the early 1880s and worked in Allegheny City (which later became known as the "north side" at the time Pittsburgh incorporated that City in 1907).]1

1883-3Dec1883 Stephanus Joannes Hurray is born to Joseph and Anna Hurray.

1886- Anna's first born daughter, Maria Catharina, gives birth to her first child, "Stephanus", with her husband "Stephanus Szaloky".

1889- Anna's first born daughter, Maria Catharina, gives birth to her second child, "Andreas", or "Andras", with her husband "Stephanus Szaloky" (a.k.a. Szaloki). Andras dies around 1906 and is buried in Slovakia.

(The first Slovak laborers in Pennsylvania were mainly employed laying track for the Pennsylvania Railroad)

1896-In 1896 the Slovak newspaper reported the Slovak population of Pittsburgh at 5 to 6,000. (that number was misreported: the actual number in 1896 was about 1/3 of that amount)


Anna Klapacs (b. 1840-d. 1928) married Michael Zahuranecz in Spišské Podhradie, Slovakia. They had the following children:   

1.) Maria (1865-       ); 

2.) Emericus (Emil) (1867-       )

3.) Anna (1872-       ) 

4.) Susan (1874-      ),   


[1874-1876 It is unclear what happened to Michael Zahuranyecz in this 2 years, between 1874 and 1875, because in 1876, Michael's wife, Anna (Klapacs) began having children with Joseph Hurray, the first child being Anna Dorothea in 1876.

Anna was married a second time to Joseph Huray (last name spelling varied sometimes, but usually "Hurray").    They had the following children:  Anna Dorothea (1876); Joseph (1880); Michael (1881); Stephen (1883); Katie (1885), Andrew (1887).

The children from Anna's second marriage were:

1.) Anna Dorothea (1876-     )

2.) Josephus (     -

3.) Michael  (1881-

4) Stephen (1883-

5.) Katie (1885-

6.) Andrew (1887-

[“Josephus” is another spelling used for Joseph in some materials such as, Slovakia, Church and Synagogue Books 1592-1910]

1881 (29Sep1881)-Michael Francis Hurray born in Slovakia to a Josephus Hurray and Anna Zahuranecz (On the baptism record, the "y" in Zahuranyecz was not included)2

1882-Kathryn Hurray (Katie Huray).  Born on (11/25/1882)

1883-Stephen Hurray (Huray) born in Slovakia 

1885-[5Dec1885]-Catharina Maria Hurray, later known as "Katie", born to Josephus Hurray and Anna Zahuranecz Klapacs Hurray.   [Joannes Kralik was listed as the Godfather; Maria Veszelovsky listed as Godmother]

1887Andrew Hurray (Huray) born in Slovakia

1887-1888-The 1887-1888 City Directory has the first mention of any Skraks located in Pittsburgh:

“John Skrak lab 1 Laurel Ave. A”

“Joseph Skrak, molder 1 Laurel Ave. A”

[1890-(15Feb1890)-The National Slovak Society of the United States was formed, and held a meeting this day at "Walther's Hall", Allegheny City, PA. (n.k.a. North Side of Pittsburgh, PA.). Building was at the corner of Chesnut St. and Spring Garden Ave.]

1890-Rev. John Skrak born on North Side Pittsburgh

1892 Anna and most of her children emigrated from Slovakia to join her husband Joseph Hurray in the "Woods Run" area of Allegheny City, PA (a.ka. Pittsburgh north side) and they eventually took settlement around McCook St.  and Jewett St. (n.k.a. Jawett).  At around the same time, Anna's son Imre Zahuranecz moved from Slovakia around 1892, give or take, and eventually settled on McCook St., after building a home in 1900 at 2348 McCook St. in 1900, which was very close to the Hurray's household.

1894-(Imre Zahuranyecs was living in the U.S. somewhere at this time, per: petition that was filed later in 1899).

1894-1895 1894-1895 City Directory of Pittsburgh has this listed:

“John Gonda Secy National Slavonic Society 604 Grant. H. 117 S. Canal”

1894-Stefan Huraj, son of Joseph and Anna, begins attending the School for the Brothers. He was around 11 or 12 yrs old at the time.

1895-City Directory of Pittsburgh has listed a “Jos Skrak molder 32 Market”

1895-15June1895 Anna (Hurray) Gonda marries John (Jan) Gonda in Allegheny, PA.

1896-In 1896 the Slovak newspaper reported the Slovak population of Pittsburgh at 5 to 6,000. (The actual figure was about 1/3 that amount-apparently misreported)

1896- [6Jul1896] Stefan Huraj enters the Posulate in Dayton, Ohio at a place also referred to as "Nazareth".   He was 13 1/2 y.o. at the time.

1896-1897-City Directory of Pittsburgh has listed: “John Gonda Secy 1830 Fifth Ave.”

1897-1897 City Directory Pittsburgh has listed: “John Gonda Reporter 55 Main”

1897 Imre Zahuranyecs applies for Naturalization on May 1, 1897

1898-1898 City Directory Pittsburgh has listed “Jos Skrak molder 32 Market”

1898-1898 Pittsburgh and Allegheny Directory has: “H-U-R-A-J” listed. It’s the first time a “Huraj” showed up in a city directory (of any spelling):

“John Huraj Lab 713 Manor”

“Michael Huraj lab 713 Manor”

1898-[7Jun1898] Joseph and Annie Huray purchase a property on Joliet St. 

1898-[1Aug1898]  Stefan Huraj dies in Dayton, Ohio.  He was around 16 years of age.  His mother, father, and  brother Andrew (now 10 years of age) traveled to Dayton to be with him.  Stefan did not want them to make the long trip (at that time the trip was likely made by train perhaps), but the Brothers at Nazareth wanted to meet them and requested their presence.

1899-(June 14 1899)- Imre Zahuranyecs is granted naturalization per: his Petition for Naturalization found on "".

1899-Imre Zahuranyecs lived at 201 Carpenter Alley, 8th Ward Pittsburgh.  This is the same year he became a citizen.

1899-1899 City Directory of Pittsburgh has listed:

“John F. Gonda Printer 18 Joliet”

13Jan1900 -Jos. Huray sells the property at the SE corner of McCook and Halsey Pl. to Mike Huray

1900-Emil Zahuranyecz (Emil Hurray), according to his descendants, was a master carpenter, and physically built his home at 2348 McCook St. around 1900. (Still standing as of the year 2021).

1900- Around Dec. 11, 1900, Jan (John) Gonda, Anna Gonda's husband dies.  

1901 1901 City Directory:

Huray  (H-u-r-a-y)

Huray, Emil  "tank builder" 201 Carpenter Ay (also known as Carpenter Alley) [tank builder was the name of a job title at the Heinz factory]

Huray, Jos  "lab"  18 Joliet

1901 [17Dec1901] Joseph Huray Jr. (spelled H-U-R-A-Y) sells the property at the SE corner of Halsey Pl. and McCook St. to Joseph Huray (Sr.) and his wife Anna Huray

1902 1902 City Directory:

Huray (H-u-r-a-y)

Huray Joseph Molder 1411 Hopkins

1902 The 1902 Pittsburgh and Allegheny City Directory lists Joseph Huray (Spelled H-u-r-a-y) as an occupation of “molder”.  

1902-[7Jan1902] Joseph Hurray, living at 18 Joliet St., and Matilda Skrak, living at 1201 Market St., Allegheny, PA. get married this day.

1903 (This was the inaugural—first year of---St. Gabriel Archangel Church in Pittsburgh)

1904-(5Jan1904) Michael Hurray while living in Monaca, PA, marries Mary Sidelsky, who was living in Pittsburgh at this time.

1904-[3Sep1904]-(Joseph and Annie Huray sell their property in Allegheny, PA.).

1904-John S. Jobe and Catherine Jobe lose their two year old son Albert J. Jobe.  They bury their son in Monaca, PA at the "Union Cemetery".

1905- 1905 City Directory Monaca, PA. Andrew S. Hurray lived at Indiana Ave. and was a clerk at the US Sanitary Mfg Co. (He was approx. 18 y.o. at this time).

1906-Emil Zahuranyecz (now going by the name Emil Hurray), is living (stationed) as a Cooper in Holland, Michigan at 40 W. Sixteenth St. near the Heinz plant in that City.

1906-[5Apr1906] Cyril John Hurray is born in the County of Beaver, State of Pennsylvania to Michael Hurray and Mary Hurray.

1906-[3Dec1906]-Michael Hurray and Mary Hurray, his wife, purchase a property in Monaca, Pennsylvania, County of Beaver, State of Pennsylvania, located at the southwest corner of 12th St. and Atlantic Avenue., in Monaca, PA.

1907-[7Feb1907]-Joseph Hurray and Anna Hurray purchase a property in Monaca, Pennsylvania, County of Beaver, located on the 1600 block of Washington Ave. in Monaca, PA.

1907- [27Sep1907]-Joseph and Matilda Huray (spelled H-U-R-A-Y on the deed) purchase a property at the S.E. corner of McCook St. and Halsey Pl., in Allegheny, PA. (Structure now gone, property vacant at the time of this writing)

1907: 1907 City Directory, Pittsburgh, PA

Michael Hurray  lab 18 Joliet

Joseph Hurray  lab 37 Mc Cook

1907-During 1907 Pittsburgh increased its efforts to annex Allegheny City (they had tried several times in the past).  On Nov. 18, 1907, Allegheny City and Pittsburgh were declared one city, and Allegheny City became known as the "North Side"

1908 The 1908 City Directory of Pittsburgh has: Jos Hurray (spelled H-u-r-r-a-y) Lab  (which means laborer) at 37 McCook

1908 Michael Hurray and John S. Jobe, possessing a little known formula for mixing enamel, are asked to Join the new sanitary opening up in Salem, Ohio.  The same year, 1908, Michael Hurray and John & Katie Hurray Jobe moved from the Monaca/Beaver/Rochester area of PA. to Salem, Ohio.    Michael and John Jobe were two of the original employees of National Sanitary Co. in Salem.  John S. Jobe was National Sanitary's first superintendent, and Michael Hurray was the first foreman. National Sanitary later came to be known in Salem, Ohio as Eljer Plumbingware. 

1908-13May1908. On this day, in Beaver County, PA, Anna Gonda/Hurray (now age 30) applies for a marriage license with Martin Debnar (now age 26).  Both are living in Monaca, PA. and Martin's occupation is an "enameler".  They are officially married in Rochester, PA on 23May1908.

1908-6/18/1908 Andrew S. Hurray and John Jobe left this day from Monaca/Beaver/Rochester area of PA. to Salem, Ohio, because of the new Sanitary that was opened there, and most likely for both to procure jobs.

1908-Anna Gonda/Debnar (Hurray), now married to Martin Debnar,  had a child named Albert Debnar.  [Martin Debnar, a Czecho-Slovak, also came to Salem, Ohio in 1908.] 

[1908- Meanwhile, in 1908, a company titled The "Union Sanitary Mfg. Co." began operating in the City of Noblesville, Indiana.  They produced enameled baths, sinks, urinals, tanks etc.  (John S. Jobe eventually became the Company's Superintendent/General Mgr. around the approximate year of 1915)]

1909-(17Apr1909)-Mary Agnes Hurray is born to Michael Hurray and Mary (Sidelski) Hurray in Salem, Ohio.

1909-1910[Salem City directory of 1909-1910] says:

Jobe, JS (Catherine) foreman San. Co. res. 135 Ellsworth {135 Ellsworth was changed to N. Ellsworth in 1928, and 135 Ellsworth was changed to house number "465 N. Ellsworth"}-directory indicates that 3 people lived there.

Debnar, Martin (Anna) wks San Mfg. Co. 5 Walnut St.

Hurray, Michael (Mary) foreman Sanitary Co. res. 151 Ohio.  {Directory indicates that 4 people lived there.}  {151 Ohio is NOW known as 678 Ohio---there were address changes around 1928}

Hurri <sic?>, Joseph (Annie) wks Sanitary Co. res. 136 Broadway (west side)

1910[Apr1910] According to the 1910 Census, Andrew S. Hurray (Huray), was living in a boarding house on 498 Elm Lane, in Ambridge, PA., County of Beaver, PA.  He, and the other boarders (of Slavic, Polish, and German descent) were working at a Bridge Shop.

1910 In 1910 according to the City Directory of San Francisco, Andrew Huray (spelled H-U-R-A-Y) was in San Francisco.  

1910 Joseph Hurray (Jr) , his wife Matilda (Skrak) and four of their eight children moved to Salem.  (They had four more children in Salem).    Joseph was a foreman and also a stockholder in National Sanitary.  

[1910-Census says Kathryn Jobe is a daughter of katheryn and John S. Jobe living in Salem on 135 Elsworth Ave.]

1912-The Slovak Gymnastic Sokol Union; branch 232 (A physical culture group) was formed in Salem, Ohio.

1913-[apr-june 1913-The N.O. Nelson Mfg. Co. of St. Louis purchases a controlling interest in Union Sanitary Manufacturing Co. of Noblesville, Indiana]

1914-1918 (period of World War I)

1914-National Sanitary Incorporated (officially), however, business has been operating.

1914-[5Aug.1914] Michael Hurray and his wife, Mary Hurray, who have been living in Salem, Ohio (Columbiana County, Ohio), sell their real estate located  in Monaca, PA. (Beaver county, Pennsylvania), lat the corner of 12th St. and Atlantic Ave., in Monaca, PA.

1914-[March 1914] John Jobe travels to Noblesville, Indiana to begin his new position with "Union Sanitary Mfg. Co.". His family followed soon afterward.

1914-[Sept. 1914]-Anna Hurray returns back home to Salem, Ohio after visiting her daughter Katie in Noblesville Indiana.

1915, Imre Zahuranecz had his name legally changed to Emil Hurray in Allegheny County, PA.    Emil remained on McCook St with his wife Anna Kralic.

1915-1916-The first Czecho-Slovak Educational club was formed in Salem, Ohio in 1916 with 30 members. [first organized in June of 1915] (n.k.a. American Slovak Club, 313 Ellsworth Ave., Salem, Ohio). At that address since at least 1953.

1915-1916 City Directory of Salem, Ohio:

Debnar, Anna (wid Martin) 106 Penn St. (n.k.a. 385-391 Penn)

Joseph (Anna) 108 Euclid St. Laborer (108 Euclid n.k.a. _____)

Michael P. (Mary) 140 Perry St. wks. Nat. Sanitary Co. {NOW known as 619 Perry after house numbers changed in 1928}

Gonda, Amelia bds. 663 McKinley Ave. (n.k.a. 1926 E. State, Salem, OH)

Gonda, Anna 106 Penn {n.k.a. 385-391 Penn}

Gonda, John 106 Penn  Student {n.k.a. 385-391 Penn}

Gonda, Stephen 106 Penn   Student {n.k.a. 385-391 Penn}

1916 1916 City Directory Pittsburgh:

Andrew L. Huray (H-u-r-a-y) [middle initial "L.") was a clerk at Pittsburgh Screw & Bolt Co.  h. 2348 McCook St.

Charles A. "Sten."  2348 McCook St.

Emil, "Cooper" 2348 McCook St.

John J.  2348 McCook St.

1916 [14June1916] Emil Hurray travels to Windsor Ontario, Canada, via ferry from Detroit, Michigan to work at the Heinz Co. inside of Canada.  He was known as a master 'tank builder" for that company.  


In the 1917 City Directory of Pittsburgh:

Huray (H-u-r-a-y)

Huray, Michl  lab (laborer) h. 3340 Brighton Rd.

1917: In the trade journal “Domestic Engineering” 1/6/1917, it was published: “John S. Jobe who for a number of years was general manager of the National Sanitary Manufacturing Co. Salem and for the past two years general manager of the Union Sanitary Mfg. Co. of Noblesville Ind. Has associated himself with the United States Sanitary Manufacturing Co. of Pittsburgh as asst. general superintendent in charge of the company’s enameling department”

1917-28June1917 Andrew S. Hurray, from L.A., arrives at the Hotel Oakland in Oakland Calfornia as a guest of the hotel (Oakland tribune p. 17).

1918-(4Mar1918) The "Spanish Flu" global pandemic begins with the first reported case being in March of 1918.

1918:(12Sept1918) Michael Peter Hurray registers for the Draft in WWI.  At the time he is living in Mansfield, Ohio at 436 W. 4th St, Mansfield, Ohio. 


In the 1918 City Directory:

Andw L. clk Pgh screw & Bolt Co. h. 2348 McCook (Andrew L. is Emil's son).

Chas. Sten.  2348 McCook

Emil, cooper 2348 McCook

John, Draftsman 2348 McCook

Mary hsekpr  2004 Bedford Av.

[1918-May 25, 1918 John Skrak ordained a Catholic Priest]

[1918 May 31, 1918 the "Pittsburgh Agreement" signed]


1919 City Directory:

Andw L. clk  h. 2348 McCook

Emil, cooper 2348 McCook

John, Draftsman at Koppers Co. 2348 McCook

1920 One year before he dies, Joseph S. Hurray and his wife Anna are living in Monaca, PA at 1615 Washington Ave.

1920-The 1920 City Directory of Mansfield Ohio has Michael P. Hurray and Mary M. Hurray living at 27 Sheridan, and Michael working as a foreman at “B Mfg. Co.”

 1920 In 1920 according to the City Directory Andrew Huray was in Los Angeles (unclear of the date he moved there or if it was spelled with one or two “r”’s in the directory)

1921-12/28/1921 Mrs. Anna Hurray lived in Monaca/Beaver/Rochester area this year.

1921 (21May1921) Joseph S. Hurray, dies in the Borough of Rochester, in Beaver County, PA. His residence there was on 440 Riverview St.  He had reached 80 years of age at the time, and his wife Anna survived him. (John S. Jobe was the informant on the Death Cert.).   Anna briefly moved to California, then settled in Salem. Anna died in 1928.

1921-Around 1921 is when Michael Hurray sells his property at 634 E. 4th St. in Manfield, Ohio and moves to the Pittsburgh area.

1922-John S. Jobe is living in Rochester, PA.

1923-John Jobe, Katy, and Andrew travel to Oakland?

1924- In 1924 the "Czecho-Slovak Educational Club" bought the old Red Cross Building on South Ellsworth Ave. for a meeting place. (This building was near the SW corner of Wilson St. and Ellsworth, and was replaced by a new facility in 1995).

Date?)  Michael Hurray moved to California.  (Date Michael moved out of Salem, Ohio to California, was approx.. 1925, according to his obituary of 1945)  

1928, Michael founded Commercial Enameling Co. (CECO) in California.

1928-(Wed.-6June1928) Anna Hurray [Anna (Klapacs) Hurray] dies.  She was approx. 88 y.o. and, at the time, was living in Salem, Ohio at 1448 Lincoln Ave. with her son Joseph Hurray and his family. She was buried the following Sat. 9June1928 in Monaca, PA.3 A high mass was held for  her the following Monday, 11June1928 at St. Paul's Catholic Church in Salem, Ohio, with the Rev. A.J. Manning officiating.  Among those in attendance were, her grand-daughter Sister Mary Mathilda [f.k.a. Alice Hurray], her daughter from her first marriage, Mrs. Andrew Fedelin (Susanna Zahuranyecz), and Mrs. Fedelin's husband and family; Also Miss Kathryn Jobe of Oakland, CA. (Assumed to be the elder Katy Hurray/Jobe's daughter).2

1936-Susan Zahuranyecz (n.k.a. Suan Fedelin dies)

1937 (7/30/1937) Kathryn Jobe dies in Alameda, California (Near Oakland).

1938-Michael P. Hurray's daughter, Mary Agnes (Hurray) Dixon is living in Inglewood, CA. at 630 Manchester Terrace, with her husband Hugh F.

1940-Cyril John Hurray and his wife Josephine, are living in Contra Costa, CA at 5501 Barrett Ave, El Cerrito, Contra Costa , CA.  Cyril works at the American Radiator & Standard Sanitary Corp. in Richmond, CA.

1940 Katherine Jobe (husband John Jobe). [perhaps also known as Catherine gonda?] Katherine was 55yo, John was 64 yo living in New Castle, PA. Lawrence PA on 123 Charles St. They had an 18 yo daughter who was that age in 1940 per the census living at the same residence.

1942 Mary Agnes (Hurray) Dixon's husband Hugh Francis Dixon, registers for WWII.  He is living with his wife at 630 Manchester Terrace, Inglewood, CA.  He is employed at the time at Commercial Enameling (Michael P. Hurray's company). In 1942, that company was located at 6204 S. Alameda St. Los Angeles, CA.

1943, Emil Hurray dies in Pittsburgh.

 1945-(June 15, 1945 Obit published of Michael Hurray in Salem News). On Monday, June 18, 1945 Funeral for him held in Inglewood California. Burial was in California(Inglewood?)---Obit mentions siblings, Anna, Joseph, and Andrew (no other siblings mentioned in obit).

1945-Obit. Said Michaels wife’s name was Mary. Obit. said Michael had 2 sons and a daughter surviving him.

1945-Michaels Obit. Said Andrew Hurray was living in Inglewood, CA

1945-Mrs. Anna Debnar, a sister of Michael and Andrew, lived on Maple St. in Salem, Ohio.

1946, Joseph Hurray (Jr) died in Salem.

1946-[4Jan1946] Andrew Stanley Hurray dies in the Culver City, CA hospital.  His usual residence at the time was 854 S. Oxford Ave., Los Angeles, a building which still stands in 2021. His usual occupation was as a manager in the Wholesale Plumbing Supply Business. He is buried in Holy Cross Cemetery, a Catholic Cemetery in Culver City, CA.

1949-Mary Virginia Dixon (Mary Agnes Hurray/Dixon's daughter) marries Michael B. Scruggs in Vista, CA.

1951-Anna Gonda Debnar (Hurray) buried at Grandview Cemetery died 12/15/1951 Her first spouse was John Gonda, her second spouse was martin debnar.

 1992-August 14, 1992 Carole Anne Hurray (Daughter of Edward &____ brother of ______) of San Diego dies at age 55.   She went to the University of Alabama School of Medicine graduating in 1978 and became a doctor certified with the American Board of Family Practice.


Summary of Anna's descendants:


Anna's Children from first marriage:


1)    Susan married Andy Fedelin; settled in Latrobe, PA

2)    Maria   (??)

3)    Imre/Emil   married Anna Kralic, settled in Pittsburgh

4)    Anna


Anna's Children from second marriage:


1)    Anna Dorothea (1876-1951) married John Gonda, moved to Salem

2)    Joseph (1880-1946) married Matilda Skrak, moved to Salem in 1910

3)    Michael (1881-1945)   married Mary Seidel, moved to Salem in 1908 then to California in (??)

4)    Stephen (1883-1898) died while in Seminary in Dayton, Ohio

5)    Katie (1885- 1937) married John Jobe, moved to Salem, then ( ??)

6)    Andrew (1887 - 1946) 



Anna's Grandchildren from first marriage::


-        Susan and Andy Fedelin had children Margaret and George

-        Maria had (??????)

-        Imre/Emil had sons Charles (1895-?), John (?-1963), George (1910-1986), Walter (1913-1975), and Andrew (?-?).

-       Anna had  (?????)



Anna’s Grandchildren from second marriage:


-       Anna Dorothea first marriage to John Gonda had children Anna (1899-1957), Amelia (1896-1982), Joseph (?-?), John (1900-1971), and Steve (1900-1961).

-       Anna Dorothea second marriage to Martin Debnar, had sons Albert (1908-1975) and Martin Jr. (1910-1980).

-       Joseph had children Mary Ann (May) (1905-1993), Alice (1907-1998), Helen (1908-2008), Joseph (1909-1981), Dorothy (1912-2002), Matilda (Tillie) (1915), Virginia (1921-1965), and Philip (1923-2009). 

-       Michael had children Cyril (Another spelling is “Cyrile” April 5, 1906. He died on January 19, 1991 at 84 years of age. We know that Cyril J Hurray had been residing in Orinda, Contra Costa County, California.?-?), Agnes (?-?), and Edward (1911-1997). 

-       Katie had children Kathryn (1885-1937) and Albert John Jobe (1902-1904)

-       Andrew and Stephen had no descendants


1991-Cyril J. Hurray dies in California

2021-Cousins John Paul Tolson, Mark Hurray of Michigan, and Thomas Hurray pursue getting Anna and Joseph's gravestones restored, and the Jobe marble stone which has been broken beyond repair and weathered, replaced in order to last in perpetuity.

Spišské Podhradie
Spišské Podhradie
Spišské Podhradie
1916 1916 
1Immigrant Church and Community : Pittsburgh's Slovak Catholics and Lutherans, 1880-1915, Alexander, June Granatir (1987)
2.from: [Slovakia, Church and Synagogue Books 1592-1910], for a more detailed record of this and other baptism documents see

2. From  the book"The Habsburg Empire" by Franz Hubmann (1972).
4. Interesting to note that the surname "Kralik" was also (later) the maiden name of Emil Zahuranyecz wife.